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Environmental Health Consulting (NZ) Ltd was contracted by the World Health Organisation, South Pacific Office, to assist in the development and trialling of drinking water safety planning (DWSP) audit materials. These documents were designed specifically for the Pacific Island countries. Their good understanding of the Pacific environment, and familiarity with the type of water supplies that they were asked to work with enabled them to deliver documentation that matched the reality on the ground. They certainly delivered on the expectations of the contract, but I also found their service to be professional throughout.

- Mr Kamal Khatri, Technical Officer (Water Quality), World Health Organisation – South Pacific, Fiji

To whom it may concern, I recently engaged EHC’s services in my capacity as coordinator at SOPAC in Fiji. Their attention to detail and determination to “get it right” in combination with their experience, expertise, and willingness to go the extra mile to achieve the desired outcome, ensures that anyone engaging their services will surely consider the investment very worthwhile.

-Alan Freshwater – Drinking Water Safety Co-ordinator, SOPAC, Fiji; Senior Advisor (Drinking Water), NZ MoH.

To Whom it may concern, recently I received training from EH Consulting NZ Ltd in being provided assistance to gain a better understanding of the technical aspects of the Drinking Water Programme. John Dennis, Managing Director of EH Consulting NZ Ltd provided methodical advice about the programme. This included: Catchment Issues, Sustainability, Systems design and options, Role of TA’s, Checklist for CAP, IT issues, access to and filling MoH, PB and H2OHealth templates.  Despite time constraints however to learn as much of the technical processes, I found John’s approach to be professional in that he had a receptive manner, his information and advice very thorough, his attitude to offering the training was succinct yet reciprocal, which left me with a feeling of overall confidence in having familiarised, and in gaining an understanding of the technical aspects of the DWAP.  I would recommend EH Consulting NZ Ltd to new Drinking Water Assistance Programme Facilitators requiring orientation, and i’m happy to provide further information if requested to.

- PJ Paul, Drinking Water Assistance Facilitator,Tairawhiti District Health, GISBORNE, NZ