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Services we offer

Environmental Health Consulting (NZ) Ltd is available to provide a range of public and environmental health services. We operate across New Zealand and throughout the Pacific and Asia.

Our expertise is drawn from being: Designated Officers of the Ministry of Health (HPO’s), Accredited Drinking Water Assessors (DWA’s), Drinking Water Assistance Programme Facilitators (TAPF’s), Senior Health Protection Officers and Environmental Health Officers (EHO’s).

We’ve worked successfully on projects for a number of respected agencies, including: the World Health Organisation (WHO); the New Zealand Ministry of Health (MoH) both here in New Zealand and abroad; District Health Boards, and for the New Zealand Accreditation Authority (IANZ).

We’ve provided advice to the Ministry of Education, Department of Conservation, City and District Councils, and Iwi, We’ve mentored and trained environmental health professionals, and have a proven record of reliability, technical proficiency and professionalism.

We are therefore able to offer you the following specialist public and environmental health services:

       Drinking Water Safety Plans
       Drinking Water Compliance NZ
       Resource Management Act
       Environmental Health & Health Protection Services
       Biosecurity & Pest Management

If you require further information then please contact us anytime, we are available now!