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Environmental Health & Health Protection Services

EHO and HPO expertise

To all EHO and HPO Managers,

Are you a manager or team leader of a council environmental health team, or public health unit?

Do you require temporary cover for sick environmental health staff, have an important environmental health project or report that you’d like completed, or you’re simply too busy to get everything done on time?

John has experience working as a designated public and environmental health officer. I have a proven track record working on the full range of tasks expected of HPO and EHO's. I believe my availability gives a public or environmental health manager more flexibility when staff resources are tight, or when a project requires a level of focus that will put extra pressure on regular staff.

In many cases managers or team leaders could make use of extra EHO or HPO resources for short-term or urgent tasks. Staff shortages, public health emergencies, project deadines, annual surveys and the like put alot of pressure on units and individual staff members. Often other programmes are set aside and begin to stack up.

This is therefore a key service that I can provide, which is: cost effective, easily accessible, flexible, and of the quality expected from a professional organisation.



Kindest regards

John Dennis (EHC)