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Development and Implementation of PHRMPs

John and Matt have the highest level of expertise in the development and implementation of PHRMPs.

Both have worked as IANZ Accredited Drinking Water Assessors (DWAs) for their local district health boards, a role that required them to assess all PHRMPs submitted to their respective Drinking Water Assessment Units (DWAUs) for approval. This gives them an insight into the requirements of the PHRMP approval process, and the benchmarks that need to be met, which is simply not available to others, and ensures your PHRMP will be developed as effectively and hassle free as possible. Indeed, we guarantee the approval of your PHRMP, we are that good.

John and Matt have the added expertise that comes from being Drinking Water Assistance Programme Facilitators (DWAPFs), charged with implementing the Ministry of Health’s Drinking Water Assistance Programme (DWAP) in the Nelson/Marlborough and Auckland regions of New Zealand. The development of PHRMPs is a prerequisite for receiving funding from the Government. John and Matt assisted registered community water supply owners, operators and management to: develop with the supplier an approvable PHRMPs; to assist them through the approval process; and to advise and support them with implementation of those plans.

They have worked on Marae, rural schools, small community owned supplies, district and regional council supplies, DoC as well as larger city water utilities, helping them prepare and submit approvable PHRMPs to the DWA in their region.

We are also experienced in the difficult process of re-doing PHRMPs that have been developed by drinking water consultants, who traditionally carry out these tasks for water suppliers, but are not public health professionals, and are only vaguely aware of the requirements of an approvable PHRMP!
We therefore have a wealth of practical, on-the-ground experience in New Zealand helping drinking water suppliers of all types develop and implement PHRMPs.

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