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Biosecurity & Pest Management

Vertebrate Toxic Agents (VTA)

Approval is required from your local Public Health Service to use a VTA in an area where the public are entitled to have access. The more public the area, the more information is required in the application, this is especially so for aerial 1080 operations.

EHC can assist with identifying and managing the public health risks associated with using VTAs, particularly;

  • Application for permission to use a VTA
  • Community and public consultation
  • Independent sampling & monitoring of VTA operations
  • Storage and handling of hazardous substances (VTA)

Marine Biosecurity

EHC is a member of the Top of the South Marine Biosecurity Partnership. The goal of the partnership is to enable the effective implementation of the MAF Biosecurity Pest Management National Plan of Action. EHC is assisting the partnership with operational planning requirements in reviewing existing surveillance & response plans and the development of additional plans as identified. For more information please visit New Zealand Biosecurity here