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Company Profile

Kia Ora! Environmental Health Consulting NZ Ltd (EHC) is an Auckland (NZ) based consultancy specialising in public and environmental health practice, science and regulation. The company was formed in 2010 and is directed by Environmental Health and WaSH specialist Mr John Dennis (Auckland).

I draw on my experience in the provision of public and environmental health regulatory and technical advice operating as designated officer under the New Zealand Health Act 1956. I have extensive experience providing expert community water supply advice, regulation, and drinking water risk management, assessment and implementation support (WSP and PHRMP).

I've carried out a range of government level drinking water roles and duties in New Zealand including: the Auckland public health technical manager role for the drinking water assessment unit as an accredited drinking water assessor/auditor (DWA), and as a technical assistance program facilitator (TAPF) on the NZ Drinking Water Assistance Program (DWA), providing technical assistance with the preparation and implementation of water safety plans for small water suppliers.

Along with my NZ based activities I continue to carry out a number of overseas contracts related to the provision and improvement of drinking and waste water at the community and national level including: Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Mongolia, and Cambodia. I've provided consultation services and expert technical advice to a range of NGO's and international development partners including WHO, UNICEF, Red Cross, Asian Development Bank and others. I regularly work across all stakeholder levels from ministerial to village level. I've engaged competently with all manner of expertise in the water supply industry from urban utility engineer to small supply operator; from regulatory and policy level staff to laboratory personnel.

John Dennis (Managing Director)

By way if introduction, I would like to explain a little of my public health background. I began my career in public health in early 2000, studying environmental health sciences at Massey University in Wellington. I was offered a position prior to completing my Degree as a designated Health Protection Officer in Otago responsible for regulatory oversight of: disease outbreak investigations, hazardous substances duties, bio-security, food safety, and drinking water compliance work. I completed a post graduate diploma in drinking water assessment, at that time provided by Otago University, and moved to Auckland where I secured work at the Auckland Regional Public Health Service as an accredited Drinking-Water Assessor. I was offered the role of Technical Manager (TM) of the Drinking Water Assessment Unit (Auckland) overseeing what is arguably the most technically challenging drinking water region in the country. I was then offered the new Technical Assistance Program Facilitator (TAPF) role when a government programme of intensive support for small water supplies was implemented, and became the official facilitator of that programme for the Auckland region whilst also carrying out the TM role.

Whilst my knowledge of drinking water regulation and core understanding of public and environmental health underpins my expertise, it was this role in particular that provided me with the means to work expertly across all sectors of society and to effectively provide expert technical advice and support. 

I have since gone on to become a global expert in WSP design and implementation. My work for EHC has taken me to a number of countries including Cambodia, Mongolia and Tonga where I have successfully assisted the World Health Organisation (WHO) with the mainstreaming of the joint AusAID/WHO Water Quality Partnership for Health. As a consultant to WHO I've been required to deliver drinking water related technical workshops, advocacy and media responsibilites and public health training across the full range of stakeholders involved in the water industry. I've successfully conducted national level workshops via local translators, and provided added value due to my core environmental health experience and through working at both the regulatory and water supplier/community level. I'm presently working on the link between WSP and HWTS, and how WSP can assist with climate change management.


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